Monday, March 24, 2014

finding contentment

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It's so true.  And I feel like I've been struggling in this area lately.  I didn't really even realize I was struggling until I heard a couple other people talking about their struggle with it.

Discontentment.  It's the opposite of fulfilled.  The opposite of satisfied.  The opposite of beauty.  And I want my life to be beautiful.  My heart to be beautiful.  But it can't be when I'm discontent with the things in my life I cannot change.

I don't even think I can pin-point the things I'm feeling discontent with.  But I can definitely pin-point the reason for these not-beautiful feelings.  

I haven't had a heart of gratefulness.  Haven't been in the habit of daily...hourly...constantly...telling the Lord the things I'm grateful for.  He's showered my life with blessing after blessing...and I haven't even taken the time to say thank you.  Sure, I say thank you before I eat a meal, at the end of the day when I'm praying with Steve...I say it.  But it hasn't been intentional.   It hasn't felt meaningful.  It hasn't made my heart more beautiful.  

And goal this be intentional about saying thank you.  For anything...He wants to hear me say it.  And  I know that in this intentional giving of thanks, my heart will begin to change.  Not in a week...oh no...this heart will need a lifetime, and then some...but it's a start.  A start to surrender my selfish-not-of-the-Lord desires.  Surrender my not-of-the-Lord thoughts.  I want to lay it all at His feet.  And then leave it there.  Because what He's promised is so much better than anything I could ever dream of.

And then walk faithfully day by day, hour by hour, in gratefulness of all He's done for me...all He's given me...all He's promised to do in and through me.  Only there can I find complete contentment.  And have a truly beautiful heart.


the broken chair said...

Amy, I need to tell you how much your posts bless me. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your heart so BEAUTIFULLY! You are being used by God to touch the heart of this "old Christian", who struggles still with many of the things you write about. Thank you.

Christina Schergen said...

good, good, good stuff today!