Thursday, March 27, 2014

laying it all out there

Do you ever have those days...weeks...months...where your heart is so excited and full from all the amazing things the Lord is doing while at the very same time feeling overwhelmed, stretched, and exhausted?  I don't even know if there's a word for it...emotional roller coaster...confused...losing my marbles...those are all the ones that come to my mind!

I guess I always used to feel like the Lord would just show me one thing at a time, like if there was something I really needed to work on in my life, he would make that the main focus, and if there were blessing upon blessing being poured down, I could focus completely on praising him for that.

Does any of this even make sense??  In my heart it does, but maybe in my head it doesn't.  I don't know...I'm literally writing as the thoughts come out.  If that's not being real, I don't know what is!

But I guess what I want to say is this.  He is always faithful.  Did you hear me?  He...God the opposite of never....faithful...he's never going to break his promises.  That's what I'm clinging to day after day.  Through the crazy good aunt healing from a scary snowboarding accident, my husband working consistently, Claire thriving in school & with friends, relationships strengthening.  He is always faithful.

This is the promise that is constantly flowing through my head.  Every time I start to worry.  When I find joy.  When I'm feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  As my heart slowly breaks thinking about losing my Grams.  When I'm dealing with people who are exhausting and overwhelming.  When I'm laughing with my students about silly things.  As my heart stirs and grows excited for what is to come.  He is always faithful.  
Isaiah 46:4.
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