Wednesday, March 19, 2014

my spiritual birthday

Tomorrow, March 20, is my Spiritual Birthday.  I remember exactly how it all went down on that Sunday in our church in Ramona in 1983.  I loved my Sunday School teacher...Mrs. Timblin....she was the best...and the only one I really remember from my childhood.  I remember how much she loved Jesus, and it showed in how much she loved me...I mean, the kids in my class.  I remember her teaching about Jesus and all the amazing things he did when he lived on the earth, and they way she taught...from her heart, not from a lesson book...made me want Jesus, too.

At the end of class, I remember praying with her, to ask Jesus into my heart.  There were a few other kids there, too...several kids left the minute class got out.  There was this gross stream on the edge of the church property, and the boys would spend hours down there catching crawdads and tadpoles.

But not me.  Not that day, anyway.  That was the day I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins, the day I accepted his free gift of salvation, the day I became certain that someday I would get to spend eternity with Jesus in heaven.

So much in my life has changed since then.  I've grown up.  Life has thrown it's challenges my way...being an adult is hard.  And being faithful to the Lord and his call in my life is sometimes even harder.  But HE has always remained the same.  He's always provided, loved, cared for, been there for me.  He's never changed.  He's remained faithful.  He's always made time for me, known me better than I know myself, and guided my every step.  He's never left, never stopped loving, never not been there for me.

And I'm sure I've let him down in of these things. I know that when life has been hard, I've let him down.  I know that when I've been busy, I haven't made time for him.  I haven't always been faithful, haven't tried to know him better, and I know there have been times where I haven't "been there" for him.

But his love for me is still the same.  And I'm overwhelmed by that.  And grateful.  I'm praying over the next 31 years...that I would grow in my love and service to him, that I would learn to walk more in his ways, to love as he loves, to allow him to guide me without fear or hesitation, always making time for the One who created it.
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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birth again Birthday!

Leah said...

this was so sweet. happy spiritual birthday! i'm sure there is a beautifulcelebration in heaven every year remembering the spiritual birthdays of God's children.

Morgan Kirk said...

Isn't Jesus so great!? I loved reading about your story and your salvation birthday! It's wonderful and so encouraging to know that we are all rescued by Jesus! I have loved getting to read some of your posts after stumbling on your blog-- and love the story on why you named your blog Set Free! So glad to see Jesus through you as a reminder to other believers as well!

Susannah said...

Happy spiritual birthday! Thanks so much for sharing your story and reminding all of us of when we accepted the Lord! :-)