Monday, March 3, 2014

why set free || part three

I have a few people in my life who I feel allow their circumstances to define who they are. Do you know the kind of people I'm talking about? They're the ones who you always know all their issues and problems because that seems to be the only thing they can focus on. Yes...there are people like that in my life...not closely involved in my life, but they're there.  I'm sure you know the ones I'm talking probably know them, too.   It's draining to be around them, I dread being around them, and I'm really ever only around them because I have to be...these aren't my close friends and family.

Recently I got an email from one of these people...and I was like, ugh, what now??  Sure enough...the email went on to describe all the issues this person was going through, and then they asked for prayer.  Yea sure...I'll pray for stop complaining, to figure out that your problem isn't mine, and that seriously...we're all over it (yes, I was speaking on behalf of everyone else in the world).

And then...without even trying to be spiritual or anything...the words set free came to my mind.  Oh man...what a punch to the heart.  I'm not set free AT ALL by having these thoughts and feelings in my heart.  But I am set free because of the Forgiveness I have in Christ...the only way to truly experience true freedom.  And I'm thankful.

And now my prayer is that my heart would reach out to those who do feel defined by their circumstances.  To help them find Joy, Peace, and know that they can be Set Free.

And the second part of my prayer is that I won't allow my circumstances to define me.  I'm sure I have in the past...I'm sure I've been the one without Joy, only talking about my hard circumstances, draining everyone of their desire to be in my life.  I don't want to live there...I want to be intentional to live my life as someone who is set free...focused on the God who brought these circumstances into my life to mold me, to make me better for Him, so that I will in turn bring Him glory by living my life in freedom.
CS Lewis

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