Monday, April 7, 2014

cooking club

Sisters & I started a cooking club in February.  It's been something we've talked about doing for awhile, so we decided to just go for it!  The first month we met at Katie's home (which she and her hubs recently completely remodeled...and it's adorable) and did an entire meal from Shauna's book, Bread & Wine.  We had so much fun...making a mess in the kitchen, sampling, drinking champagne, and watching the Oscars.  And then the food...delish.

Last week we had our second cooking club.  This time at Holly's literally 100 yards from the ocean.  And her bff, Christina, joined great!  We used several recipes from Gwyneth's cookbook, It's All Good. And yes, yes it was all good.

But the company, that was the absolute best part.  My sisters are 2 of the best parts of my life.  Both younger, we're all so different from each other...but we're such a good balance.  They're definitely extroverted, the life of the party types, and I am so not.  I'm still the bossy big sister...although we probably all take turns being the boss.  At least once when we're together, Holly and I almost always say the exact same thing at the exact same time...followed by an eye roll.  And we sound super similar.  People often ask us if we're twins...sometimes we say yes.

These girls are life-giving to me.  We always have so much fun when we're together.  Our schedules keep us from getting to hang out like I wish we could.  But when we do, we often dream about living on a cul-de-sac together, raising our kids and pups.  We've had lots of adventures around the world together, we consider each others friends our own, and I think we all know that we're Mom and Dad's favorite..even though I know I am!

They're the best aunties to my girl, the best sisters to my hubs, and the best friends I could ask for in sisters.  So thankful to call them mine.

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Christina Schergen said...

awwwwww what fun! and good food makes it even better! ;)