Sunday, April 27, 2014

soaking it all up

Tomorrow is the day Steve leaves for 2 weeks.  Then comes home for 8 days.  Then leaves again for 3 more weeks.  I am so excited for him, because he is so excited.  He is getting to go do the thing he loves to do most, the thing God created him to do...create.

So this weekend, we made no plans.  We've done laundry, caught up on emails, packed, organized, potty trained the dog, washed dishes, ate meals together.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing over the top.  We've just been together doing these things.  Things that are ordinary, everyday tasks, but things I will miss doing alongside my best friend for the next several weeks.

So today I'm soaking it up.  Being thankful for each moment.  Counting down the days 'til we can do it all again.


Simply D Constructed said...

I know the feeling of the husband coming and going. Mostly going. Good for you, soaking it all up. That's my favorite thing to do right before he leaves, too.

Ember Grey. said...

My husband travels quite a bit too, and whenever he comes home - we usually stay in too! There's just something sweet and comforting about spending time together in a place that is home for us. PJs and old movies - that's our thing! :)

Katie @ minivan diva said...

My husband travels a lot. It is hard! I love the idea of doing nothing and soaking in time together as a family.

Emily Bastedo said...

I am a big fan of not making a ton of plans every weekend and just enjoying not doing much! Good luck with your husband being out of town!

I found your blog via the Collective Social Blog Hop!


Christina Schergen said...

my husband isn't home about three days a week on average...I feel you pain...he came home early for my sons baseball game and was supposed to be able to stay home...but atlas ended up having to go back...i seriously could have cried!!!!! thinking of you!