Tuesday, April 1, 2014

we got a dog

Yep, we did.  Steve & I have been wanting to get a dog for a long time...we've wanted a Goldendoodle.  And Claire has been begging for a pup...a snickerdoodle.  We kept telling her that when we don't live with Gigi & Gramps anymore we'd get one.

Until they jumped on board with the idea...nothing was going to stop us now!  I did my research.  We found a fantastic breeder.  We saved up.  And we went for it.  But we didn't tell Claire we were doing all this...we wanted to totally surprise her!

Last Saturday, Steve & I drove like 8 hours round trip to pick up the pup while Claire hung out at my parents house.  When we came back to the house, we put the pup into a box and stuck it in the living room....


It was such a fun day....and we're all in love with our little Coconut...Coco for short. :)

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