Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 years

And just like that, we've been married 10 years. In some ways it feels like a few weeks, in others it feels like a a good way.

If I could go back and talk to Self at age 24, I'd have lots of things to say to her.  That would hopefully help her know how to love and respect Steve better than I did back then.  If I'd have known then what I know now, things would've turned out so different. But then there would've been other lessons to learn.

Steve and I have definitely had our share of ups & downs over the last 10 years. Some are funny to think about now. I have no idea how we got through some others....well, I do, but it's still amazes me. Hard lessons....running a business, losing a home, a job, health struggles, infertility....all these things are now part of our story.  Do I want to go back and experience these things again?  Absolutely not.  But I'm thankful we've been through these things and for the lessons we've learned.  And mostly for the Lord's faithfulness.

We've seen the beauty that comes from the opportunities, strengthened relationship, adoption journey, a beautiful daughter, and a solid bond between 2 hearts.  Each day brings about a new struggle, but at this point, we know nothing can tear us apart.  We just have to keep our hearts focused on the Lord.  Each and every day it's a process.  But one we're both willing to go through.

I'm so thankful for my husband.

I'm thankful for his creative brilliance.
I'm thankful that he's such a hard worker.
I'm thankful for his fierce and protective love for Claire.
I'm thankful for the way he leads our family.
I'm thankful for his quirky sense of humor.
I'm thankful for his passion for guns, politics, and Rush Limbaugh.
I'm thankful for the way he loves my family.
I'm thankful that he's always willing to help me with my crazy ideas and plans.
I'm thankful for his faithful, patient, tender love for me.

And I'm thankful for the last 10 years.  Can't wait to see what happens in the next 10...


amydhodge said...

Ah, SO fun to see your wedding photos!
And, I love how thankful you are for your husband....
This post is so encouraging to me and making me excited to one day celebrate 10 years with my man! :)

And, your husband has a passion for guns?? Mine too! Haha....LEARNING to be thankful for his fascination with them!

Christina Schergen said...

awww the sweetest!!!

SheWhoFears said...

So I've read your past three posts up until this one. I love your heart!
It's encouraging to hear about the closeness of your family. Praying for you all as you reminisce about your (beautiful) grandmother.
Also, your mom is gorgeous and I loved that decor. She was probably so thankful for the ways you celebrated her.
Lastly, I just celebrated my one year anniversary and was thinking about how DIFFERENT things will be in ten years and how I will be able to love Miles so much more! I loved reading this post. It was really encouraging to see the ways you two had struggled but now see them as ways that God was growing you!