Monday, May 26, 2014

my grams

My Gramma passed away this week.  It's a blessing to know she's finally healed and whole again, in heaven, praising Jesus and reunited with so many family members who've gone before us.  But my heart feels heavy.  There's definitely a void.  And sadness.  Last Sunday I was able to go and see her one last time.  She wasn't completely the same lady she'd been years before, but she knew who I was and when I was saying goodbye, she said, "I love you, Sweetheart."  

She went home to be with the Lord early Wednesday morning.  Finally. No more suffering.  No more pain.  She's now at perfect peace with our Perfect Savior.  

Our family has spent a lot of time together this week.  Crying, hugging, laughing, reminiscing, praying.  We say "I love you" more than we used to.

We've always been a close family.  We love being together.  We get along, have fun together, and have deep care for each other.  But the person who's always brought us together has been Grams.  All of our family gatherings have been in her home.  Most birthday celebrations have been celebrated in her back yard or around her dining room table.  Almost every Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year's, & Mother's Day have been enjoyed as a family at Gramma's.  We're that family that even celebrates Memorial Day & Labor Day together.  And we've loved every Bar-B-Q, Resurrection Egg sharing, Thanksgiving Thankfulness Time, Christmas Story Reading, Easter Egg hunt because she's the one who always made these things happen.  It was always so important to her that we did these things together, and so, over the years, they've become important to us.

One thing I know about my Gramma...and anyone who knew her would agree...she loved the Lord and she served Him wholeheartedly.  She was always serving.  In her home, at her church, in her community, in other countries, at her own 50th Anniversary party.  She served her husband, her kids, her grandkids, her friends, her guests, her Sunday School kids.  Even when she was too weak to get out of bed, she would still find ways to serve.  And I know the Lord was glorified through it all.  She loved serving.  And she always did it with a joyful, humble heart.  She never served out of pride or self-righteousness, but truly out of a pure love for the Lord, those she was serving, and a desire to honor Him.

I'm so thankful for her example to me of what it looks like to serve my husband, serve my family, serve my church, work diligently, work hard and never complain, treat others with love and respect, always do my best, and do all of these things with joy and gladness.  She was a remarkable woman.  She's left a big hole in our family that will never be filled.  And she's started a legacy in our family that I hope we will carry on to our kids, our kid's kids, and on and on, to bring honor and glory to our Lord.

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Ember Grey. said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Amy. Sending love and prayers to you... what a beautiful person your Grams was. Both she and my Grandpa are rejoicing with their greatest love, Jesus. While we continue to find times of sadness & miss them dearly, I'm so thankful we'll see them again!