Thursday, May 29, 2014

sweet babe

I have been so encouraged by so many of you over the years who've followed along on our Baby Journey and faithfully prayed for us.  6 weeks ago we got news that we never thought we'd get. Two pink lines.

Let me back up a little.  We have our beautiful Claire who will be 6 in June.  She's been an amazing addition to our family.  We're so thankful for her and her spunky, sassy, bossy, smart, sweet, loving spirit.  And we've wanted so desperately to give her a sibling.  She's definitely not the "only child" type.

Since September 2009 we've been trying to grow our's appointments, fertility specialists, tests, waiting, praying for new, paperwork, appointments.

My heart was completely in a place of saying yes to adoption.  I was so excited for the possibilities.  Our marriage was in a really healthy place...we were totally in sync as we were trusting, praying, waiting.

And then I took a test.  And those 2 pink lines appeared.  I had imagined that day...had hoped for that day for so long...and I imagined how excited I would be, I just knew I would cry, and then run to tell Steve the good news.  But none of that happened.  When those 2 lines appeared, I felt nothing but disappointment.  Weird, I know.  But I had literally already grieved the idea of ever being pregnant again.  My heart was so ready to adopt.  I didn't run to tell Steve.  In fact, I didn't tell him for 3 days, just kept the news to myself, let it sink into my heart.

I finally did tell him and he was over the moon excited.  It actually made me start to get excited.

We decided to tell our moms.  My mom cried...and then I finally did, too.

Then I told my sisters.  More tears.

At 9 weeks, we got to see the baby and the heartbeat.  So surreal.  And then it all became so real.  And my heart filled with gratitude and joy.

The best part of this pregnancy so far has been telling Claire.  She's so thrilled and can't wait for the baby to come.  She talk to my belly, hugs it, and kisses it regularly.  It's been so fun to watch her announce it to her friends and our family.  She's going to be an amazing big sister.

We can't wait for December.  And we're so thankful for your prayers and encouragement over the years.  God is so faithful.  I can see Him directing us every step of the way.  And I'm so thankful we trusted Him enough to follow His leading.


Lisa said...

Amy, since you shared this on instagram I've been rejoicing with you! This brings me tears of joy. God is so good, even in the hard, his mercy and grace are so abundant.

kylie said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for your little family! What a blessing! I hope things are going well and you are all looking forward with anticipation to the gift you've been given! Enjoy the time!

Angie said...

This is so encouraging Amy! We are at the stages of IVF and possible adoption. It is such a frustrating stage, and I know that God is in control but it is still hard. Thank you for sharing what He did in your life! xoxo

Amy @ Set Free said...

I know how your heart feels. It's so easy to say "God is in control," but sometimes it's hard to mean it. If you ever need to talk or pray, please feel free to email anytime. I'm so thankful for the infertility journey the Lord took us on, but I know how dark it can feel, too. I will be praying.