Friday, June 6, 2014


Feeling inspired by the super sweet Ember Grey, I decided to get a little random with this post.

Things I am loving right now...

This album.  So good.  I love how talented these guys are and every album just seems to get better.

I'm loving reading this right now.  Even though we're putting adoption on hold for awhile until after the babe comes, reading Katie's story makes me remember how very important adoption is and that my heart still desires it.

My life is slowly being taken over by princess-y tea party things.  Claire's celebrating her 6th (WHA?!?) birthday next week so on Sunday we're having a party with her friends.  She is absolutely beside herself excited, it's going to be such a fun day to celebrate her sweet little life.

I am counting the days until school is over!  It's been a long year and I love teaching, but I am ready for a break!  We officially have 8.5 days left of school...can I get an amen?!?  

And since we're talking about breaks...let's talk about vacations...the day after school gets out, we are headed to Maui for a fun family vacation!!  Exactly 2 weeks from today we will be in paradise and I absolutely can.not.wait.

Another thing I'm loving is this cause and this tank whose proceeds help the cause.  Sevenly is a fantastic organization, helping raise money for all different kinds of organizations whose mission is to help and serve.  I recently decided that if I'm able, I only want to buy gifts for people that help others in the process.  Sevenly is a great place to do just that.

I'm still loving my essential oils and learning so much about how to use them.  I just purchased this diffuser and I can't wait to try it out.  Oils have made such a difference in how we stay healthy and focused in our home...such a positive difference.

I'm loving that Steve is finally home after only being home 4 days of the last 6 weeks...I'm loving that it's a beautiful Friday afternoon and I can hear Claire squealing in the pool in the backyard....I'm loving the Pilates classes I'm taking and love finding new stretches that make my body sore...I'm loving that I have the next 2 days off to be surrounded by family and sweet friends....loving how blessed my life is.

Also...don't forget to sign up for this amazing birthday giveaway!!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Ember Grey. said...

A million times YES to Coldplay's new album! I had never heard of Kisses from Katie before but just after reading the intro on Amazon, I will be purchasing it soon, wow. What an awesome and inspiring story :) A happy early birthday to Claire, and you already now how I feel about your upcoming Maui trip ;) (So glad your hubby is home!)

Rebecca O said...

The new album is amazing :) And how much fun does a princess tea party sound?! I'm really looking forward to those days! Hooray for school finishing soon and for a Maui trip ahead...that's going to be so wonderful! Enjoy!! :)