Sunday, June 22, 2014

the day she entered the world.

Last week as we celebrated Claire's birthday, I realized I've never shared her birth story.  And so, today I'm going to do that.  If you choose not to read it, that's fine, I'm writing it more for pass on the details when she's old enough to wonder.

my cousin, Ali, had Dawson 2 weeks before Claire was born
I was teaching 5th grade and we were rehearing most of the day for our end of the year program, which was to happen the next evening.  The baby shifted...we called "it" Parker Claire because we didn't find out the sex...highly recommend!...and I had to go to the bathroom like every thirty minutes.  I was just 35 weeks and 3 days at this point, but I was still big enough that I was waddling up and down the aisles of the auditorium, directing kids, trying to get our timing and songs down just right.  Miss Henderson was the other 5th grade teacher in the auditorium and I told her, "I'm not sure what's going on, but I have to keep going to the bathroom."  "That's fine...I can take care of things if you need to run out."

Rehearsal continued and we got to the point where we all (60 of us) headed to my classroom for final dress rehearsal.  My classroom was the "holding room" until it was our turn to go on stage.  At this point...after going to the bathroom about 10 times in 2 hours...I knew something was up.  I called my mom and she told me to call the doctor right away.  I sent Miss Henderson down to the office to let them know that I might need to leave, and while she was gone, I called the doctor.  The nurse told me I needed to get to the hospital right away because it sounded like my water broke.  As I was on the phone, Mrs. Warner came into my room and said, "Get your kids together!  You're supposed to be getting on stage!"  "I think I'm in labor," I mouthed to her and she immediately gathered the 5th graders and got them lined up to head back downstairs.

Miss Henderson and Miss DeeDee, the amazing office director, came up to check on me and Miss DeeDee said she was taking me to the hospital around 11:30am....I still owe her $$ to replace the seat in her van!  She's a gem....waited at the hospital with me until she knew my mom was on her way.

Where's Steve? you ask.  Well, that's the really exciting part.  The night before, his friend called and told him he had an extra ticket to the US know...the one Tiger Woods and Phil Mikelson played in?  So yea, he was there.  It seemed like such a good idea the night before...I was, however, only 35 weeks and 2  days.  So he parked his car at Qualcomm Stadium and took a shuttle bus to La a 20 minute drive.  And he had to leave his phone in the car because you can't have phones at golf tournaments.  Of course you can't.

I got all checked in at the hospital and they had me pee in a cup, which confirmed that my water had broken and I was in labor.  It's totally not how I would have planned it...sitting there along waiting for my mom to get there and waiting for my husband to call me back.  But I remember it like it was yesterday.  Sitting quietly, mind racing, yet feeling completely at peace.  I was nervous and excited, terrified and elated.

I finally got all set up in the delivery room and started texting anyone I could think of.  My friend Amie came to be with me and it was amazing.  She was so sweet, and stayed all afternoon, evening and night, until Claire was actually born.  My mom got there and so the three of us spent a lot of time chatting, waiting, chatting, waiting.  One by one, all of our family members began showing up.  And then...Steve called. "Did you get to meet Tiger?!?" was all I could think to say.  He gave me all the details of the day and then I finally cut in, "You're never going to believe where I am."  Nope, he couldn't believe it.  I sent him home to pack a bag since I hadn't done it yet.  And my husband, bless his hear, packed literally everything but the kitchen sink.  I was slightly mortified when he showed up with his suicaseS of things...mostly tech stuff...a blue ray player, his entire blue ray collection, a sling box, laptop, hard drives, chargers...and no pajamas for me!  Seriously...if you know my husband, you're laughing right now.

Long story short, they finally had to induce my labor as I was not having any contractions.  Yea, that wasn't fun.  I requested an epidural almost immediately.  I also had to labor while laying on my left side for most of the time as my blood pressure was really high and wouldn't come down.   I still struggle with high blood pressure to this day. :(

We had asked my sister, Katie, to take pictures of the delivery, I wanted my mom to be there, of course Steve was there, and surprisingly, my sis, Holly asked if she could stay, too.  They were all the perfect support and encouragement team.  Since we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, I was also super motivated to get the baby out so we could know who this person was! Our sweet baby girl, Claire, made her entrance into the world at 11:31pm.  It was so surreal....this tiny human literally changed our lives in a matter of minutes, and she didn't even do anything, she just showed up!

The NICU team...all ready for anything since this baby was coming early!
After Claire and I got cleaned up, we brought the rest of the family into the room for introductions.  Cameras, smiles, laughs, coos, joy everywhere.  I just remember laying there observing it all and wishing I could get up and participate more!  But I was exhausted.  Like so exhausted, I really had no emotions.  Plus the blood pressure meds were totally messing with me, it was not fun.

SHE's here!

my team
Auntie Holly JOY and Auntie Katie ANNE finding out Claire's middle name...JoyAnne

Papa and Grammy

Uncle Chrissy Woolsty, Daddy, and Gramps
I finally went to sleep and remember Steve waking me up to tell me that they decided to put Claire in the NICU and monitor her there.  I told him to go with her and not leave!  I fell asleep again, and remember Steve's mom coming in to congratulate me.  She had been visiting her family in Michigan when I went into labor and flew home as quickly as she could.

Gigi meeting Claire for the first time
I was finally moved to recovery and ended up being in the hospital until Saturday.  Claire stayed until Monday.  The hospital has a room for moms to stay in whose kids are in the NICU.  I was able to sleep there for free and they'd call me when it was time to feed Claire.

Steve's first Father's Day was spent at the hospital.  But it was perfect.  We'd originally had plans with his family to go to a nice restaurant to celebrate.  But since Claire came early, we had a lot of family visiting us that day.  We decided to include everyone and go to a diner for lunch.

My sweet Grams meeting Claire for the first time

best aunties

We had friends and family visiting us the entire time.  I loved it.  It made the time pass quickly and reminded us how much we're loved!  It's crazy that this day was 6 years ago.  In some ways it feels like I've known Claire my whole life, and in others it seems like she should still be a babe.  But I'm so grateful for her life.  She's rocked my world and I wouldn't want it any other way!

bringing our sweet bundle home


Ember Grey. said...

I love that you wrote this and shared it!!! Dying laughing over the multiple suitcases, haha! (And I love Claire's middle name - how sweet!)

Kelly Michelle said...

New follower from Throwback Thursday link up. Lovely story. Thanks for sharing! :)