Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Thinking || of baby names...if we can't agree on a name in the next few months, this child is destined to be named Judy.  No, I'm not serious.  But maybe I am.  Judy is what we've been calling "It" since it combines a few ideas we've been thinking about.

Enjoying || SUMMER!  We're about half way through our summer break and it has been unreal.  Vacationing, the beach, pool, friends, playing outside til after dark, BBQ'ing, lots of extra time with family, sleeping in.  These are all things I will really miss when it's time to go back to school.

Feeling || excited for December.  Can't wait to meet our sweet babe.  Also feeling tired.  Like seriously ready for a nap within an hour of being awake each morning.

Wearing || tank tops, elastic waisted shorts, bathing suits, flip flops, Birkenstocks, sunnies, and NO MAKEUP!!

Needing || a massage.  And a nap.

Wanting || to sit in the sun all day and read.  And to have a baby name other than Judy picked out for the babe!  And a nap.

Listening || to All Sons & Daughters on Pandora, anything Adele, and Coldplay's Ghost Stories.  I know, not very summery, but it's been my mood.

Making || sweet memories with my family this summer.

Eating || anything that actually sounds good.  I haven't had much of an appetite during this second trimester so eating has been a challenge.  But fruit is always a good idea.  And so is ice cream.

Drinking || lots of H2O, chai lattes, and Dr. Pepper.  Yes, I drink caffeine when I'm pregnant!  Don't judge.

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Ember Grey. said...

Watch your sweet babe be a boy and you guys will be able to share the hilarious story that he was Judy before he was born. (I was "Andy" since my mom was convinced I was a boy.) And yes, ice cream is ALWAYS a good idea! :) Chai lattes and tea are my favorite... it's like Christmas in a cup!