Monday, July 14, 2014

grateful heart

This week I am so grateful for friends.  Especially the kind that have been around for 20 years.  How am I even old enough to have friends that long?

But these girls.  They are my lifelines.  The ones I talk to about the deepest parts of my soul.  And they do as well.  It's always so, so good when we're together.

We're all in completely different stages of life, but there's no comparing, no jealousy.  Just deep love and respect.  We have different political views and beliefs, but love and serve the same God.  It's a beautiful thing to have found friends like these girls.  And I'm so grateful for them....and our bi-annual girls weekends away at Ponte Winery.  I love you girls....Judy and I can't wait 'til next time! ;) 

Ember Grey. Grateful Heart Monday


Anne said...

Where would be without our friends? Sound alike you guys have a wonderful relationship! Stopping by from the Grateful Heart Monday link up!

Ember Grey. said...

LOVED this post. I've had my bffs since the 4th grade, it's so special! I love that first picture of you guys :) (As well as the chocolate chip cookies & wine- do all girls have those two things for ladies get-togethers??) I am laughing over your Judy comment - clearly this was a little inside joke although I'll tell you- when my bff was pregnant, we called her babe "Donna" ;)

Rebecca said...

Friends we've had for years and years are so special! They know everything and we can be exactly who we are around them. I love that :) Happy Monday!

Katie Visconti said...

Love this post. Friends are true treasures. And I totally spotted the Albertson's chocolate chip cookies-my absolute favorite!!

Christina Schergen said...

so sweet...I like to keep my friends few and fact I can honestly say I am still friends with girls I went to high school with!