Monday, July 21, 2014

grateful heart

Last week Claire and I went to Summer Blast (VBS) at church.  This was the first year in several that I was not on children's ministry staff and was a volunteer.  Which was actually quite amazing.  I was the first grade coordinator, overseeing 3 groups of 10-12 volunteers and a couple hundred kids.  I love serving in that kind of capacity.  I was able to really get to know my key leaders and being with Claire and all the first graders was so fun!

My heart is grateful for the way I saw Claire falling more in love with Jesus everyday.  On the 40 minute drive home each day she filled me in on all her favorite things....snacks, games, being with her friends, worship, Miss Fadia (her leader).  And every night at bedtime, the questions came...about Jesus, heaven, eternal life.  Each day I didn't think my heart could get any more full, and then the next day it would.  There's something so beautiful about watching your child's faith grow daily through these kinds of experiences.  I really don't have any words for it except that I am so so grateful.

Ember Grey. Grateful Heart Monday


Rebecca said...

I have yet to experience this for my daughter but I can only imagine the joy as a parent to see faith developing further in your child. I only pray that I can help my little one to know and follow Jesus from the very beginning!

Ember Grey. said...

tears! How awesome, and for you to be so much a part of that with her :) Those pictures -- you can just FEEL it!!

Gospel Gurl said...

What a beautiful post! I just know you will never forget seeing her fall in love with Jesus. Nurturing her spiritual journey is the greatest calling you have at this time in her life. I was encouraged and uplifted by this post! I would love to hear more. Many blessings. Your neighbor at the Simple Moments Linkup.

Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

Wow!! So glad Emily from ember grey shared this post. This is something I pray for my future children and this is so special to see!