Thursday, July 24, 2014

new york

Ten and a half years ago, Steve & I got engaged on top of the Empire State Building.

I've been back to NYC a couple times without Steve since then and so this year to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and Babymoon, we're going back!  And I.cannot.wait.  We haven't done a trip like this since Claire was born and I'm so ready.  Steve was ready when Claire was like 2 months old, but it's taken me a little longer.  Claire refers to this getaway as, "Is that the trip you're going on without me?"  Yep, kid, it is.

There are a few things we know for sure we want to do while we're there...Broadway shows, eating, Yankees game, shopping, coffee shops, etc.

Shows on my list to see:  If/ThenNewsies (I LOVED this movie as a kid...Christian Bale singing "Santa Fe" hot!!), and Les Miserables, simply because I want to see it on Broadway.  Added bonus...Steve LOVES shows maybe a little more than I do, so this is something we're both REALLY looking forward to.  When we were there in 2003, he was able to get us backstage after Aida.  We got to meet a few of the cast and see all things backstage.  It was a really cool experience.  I love that I have a gutsy husband in the production industry! the eating part is where we need help.  We need recommendations.  I've done some research, and we do have a list of a few places, but we want to make sure we go to THE places.  Know what I mean?

Yankees game...Derek Jeter's last year before retirement.  Enough said.  OK, so even if you hate the Yanks, you can't blame us for going.  It's probably what I'm most excited for at this point.

Shopping...already saving my money.  This is the list that's the longest by far.

Coffee shops...this is the 2nd longest list.

Ahhh...I can't wait to go!  It's going to be so much fun.  And please send any recommendations our way!


Ember Grey. said...

haha!!! I was OBSESSED with CB in Newsies! Had that thing on repeat, my poor mom. (And I might still watch it and love it.) How romantic, getting engaged on top of the Empire State Building! I love NY - so excited for you guys, what a fun trip it will be!

Catherine Short said...

I used a couple NYC bloggers to get an idea of "in" places to go. (she's rolling out a whole NYC guide)... and (if you just type in new york city a whole slew of posts pop up with fun suggestions) were my go-to's. Shake Shack was pretty much the one restaurant I had to go to! My husband and I love good food, but we kind of eat at places that look good when we get hungry ;-) But so many great bakeries and coffee shops! I'm ready to go back.

Rebecca said...

OK - I have all of my standby faves from the 5 years I lived in the Village but it depends on which neighborhoods you're going to be staying/wandering in and what kind of foods you like. Steakhouse? Chinese? Focus on the food or the atmos? Let me know and I'll send you a list to look at! :) I'm headed there in December (loooove the city at Christmastime!) so I've already got my own list ready haha. Hands down my fave pizza is John's on Bleecker St. 2 blocks from my old apt and seriously the BEST. Cash only.