Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ordinary days are the best.

So far, our summer has been awesome.  But some of my favorite days are the ones when we've had no plans...stayed home, made a quick trip to the library, swam for hours (or in my case sat by the pool for hours), played Barbie's, done laundry, watched a movie late at night, read, had late evening swims....all of these things are so ordinary, but they've all been the keepers of my memories this summer.

Age 6 is awesome. This might be my favorite stage of Claire's life so far. There's a part of me that doesn't want her to get any bigger, but I love the little independent person she's becoming.

I love watching her little heart fall in love with our sweet babe. She's going to be such an amazing big sister. We've spent a lot of time this summer prepping for furniture for big sis so the babe can have the old stuff, washing clothes, organizing toys, talking about what her new role will be, thinking about names....I love spending time with her like that.

All these things are just some of the things that have made up the most beautiful of our ordinary days.  And my wish for today is that I would remember these days for years to come!!

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Anne said...

I often think that it is the ordinary moments that make our lives extraordinary. I love spending time with my daughters and just enjoying each other's company. Enjoy the extra one on one time with your daughter....soon the baby will be here. Then you get to enjoy watching your oldest become a great big sister. Treasure it! Thanks for taking the time to link up!

Kenji is Here said...

I love days with no plans. Soemtimes we are always so hurried to get form one thing to another that it's refreshing to stop and do nothing. I have always loved the age 5 and 6. I grew up babysitting for years and year and that was always the really fun stage.

Ember Grey. said...

This post made my heart ache for a daughter someday!!! :) Barbies and pool and hair?! Does it get any better?!

Deedra Martinez said...

I agree with you 100%. Days like this just seem to go with the flow. We call that a “ No worries day” here at my house. Ordinary days are far and in between and I miss them when summer gets to be 112 outside.