Friday, July 18, 2014

sweet babe

As of today I'm 18.5 weeks pregnant and I have to say...35 and preggo ain't no joke.  There's a huge difference between 28 and pregnant and 35 and pregnant....says the girl who's on summer break and just took a 1.5 hour nap.

So many people are asking us when we can find out the sex of the baby.  And our answer the delivery room! Yep...we're those crazy people.  And we love it!  We did the same thing with Claire and it was seriously the best.surprise.ever.

The other thing people are asking about are names.  And that's a tough one.  Because we don't have any.  Steve has vetoed almost every name I've picked.  However, he himself has yet to suggest any thoughts or ideas...Ugh...MEN! :)  We have a couple options, and I will share them when we're 100% (we're NOT the people who keep the names a surprise...'cause that'd be cray!  And clearly we're never crazy).  For now, we're calling the baby "It" (that's what Claire says) and Judy...long story, but it kinda goes along with some of the names we've thrown out....ahem...I'VE thrown out.  My sis, Katie, refers to the babe as her neicephew.

Something I'm realizing is how much baby gear has changed in the last 6 years.  Seriously.  It's kinda overwhelming.  So if you have an item or a shop that you just love, please share.  I'm actually so excited that all these adorable handmade baby shops are popping up all over and I'm can't wait to start supporting some of these small businesses.  So if you have a fave small business for babes, share them with me!  I'd love to check them out!

And since several are's the bump.

Nope, it's not much bigger than it was in Maui 3 weeks ago.  I've completely lost my appetite for most foods and actually lost a pound at my last appointment.  Bleh!!  Something you can pray for!  But I did hear the babe's heartbeat and it's always so amazing to me.  Such a sweet miracle...I could listen to that sound all day!

This girl is going to be an amazing big sister.  She absolutely can't wait for this baby to come and anytime she sees a person smaller than she is, she tries to baby them!  It's actually the sweetest thing!  I can't wait to watch her in her role as Big Sister!

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Ember Grey. said...

The best!!! Claire looks SO happy & excited. That's hilarious about the names. Such an exciting time for you guys!!!!! :)

Vena Hallahan said...

Your growing belly is so adorable. You look just as beautiful as ever. Can't wait to see you soon.

110142693793485377328 said...

You look amazing!!! This gives me no hope though! I had my daughter when I was 26 (about a year ago) and we don't plan to have another until I'm in my mid 30s! I was so sick and tired with my daughter that I guess it's going to get worse as I get older? Ekk. I think that's awesome you are waiting to find out the gender - such an awesome surprise.

Rebecca said...

Claire is going to be such a big help to you!! We didn't find out the sex either, and I got such comments from people over it! They all were like 'but how will we know what color to buy for you??" and I just thought, why on earth do you think a girl or a boy *need* a specific color? They don't know any different, and I certainly don't care! I LOVED the surprise of not knowing until she was placed in my arms and we saw for ourselves :) Good luck with the's such a hard thing to come up with. Things that proved the most useful to me last year when my daughter was a baby -- a baby sling, our pushchair (got the Uppababy Vista, my absolute favorite piece of baby kit that we bought hands down - pricey but worth it in the end), and the Bjorn bouncer. She sat in that thing when I took a shower when she was little, she would scream if I wasn't visible. Also meant I could do laundry and make dinner while she bounced around for 15 mins at a time. Everyone has their own list though!