Friday, August 8, 2014

friday favorites...and a little NYC

So yesterday was our first full day in NYC and it was PERFECT!  We're having such a great time together, really just enjoying being together.  Steve LOVES this city.  Like seriously, loves it.  He always says he could never live the big city life, but I think if he ever got offered a job here, he'd take it in a heartbeat.

I'll post more pics later, but this is something I can finally cross off my bucket list!!
And even though we're enjoying all things NYC, I'm still reading here are a few of my fave posts from this last week...

Stephanie at The Honey Pot shared part of her health journey and it is so encouraging!  I love all the before and after pics!  Especially the afters!

Fawn shared what celebs she loves following on IG.  Super honest post...I'm sure we all have a celeb or 12 that we follow in some way on social media.  We just want to see that these people are normal...or crazy...whatever the reason, it's fun.

I love linking up with The Tiny Twig each month for Goals with Grace.  I know sharing monthly goals in posts is a popular thing...but the part I love about Haley's link-up is the grace if you don't accomplish a goal, give yourself some grace and accomplish it another time or in another way.

I love anything Shauna writes.  This post was a great reminder for me to slow down, take it all in, and enjoy the smallest of moments.

Happy Friday!!  We're off to explore...and eat...some more!

All The Joys Friday Favorites

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Rebecca said...

Fun, more new blogs to read! I can't WAIT to see / read all about your trip!!