Monday, August 4, 2014

grateful heart

I am  a homebody. I love to be home. Alone, with my family, or with friends. I love to be in my home with all these people. That is exactly what this weekend was. A few days at home. Nowhere to be. Just home. Together. Friends over on Saturday to swim in the rain. Family and friends in the pool on Sunday after church. Board games, puzzles, pie eating, Barbie playing, book reading, laundry folding, perfectly spent weekend.  I am so grateful.

Grateful Heart Linkup w/ Ember Grey

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Ember Grey. said...

I'm a homebody too. Your weekend sounds PERFECT. (I love to fold laundry on quiet afternoons... I usually turn on a movie and just start folding... which turns into cleaning... which usually turns into a complete rearrangement of furniture.)