Wednesday, August 6, 2014

today is the day.

My wish today is that first, we get to NYC safely.  And that we have the best time.  Steve and I have only done 2 other trips "just him and me" in our 10 years of marriage.  I know. Sad.  But we've been on tons of trips together.  They've just been with our families or friends or with Claire.

So to say we're excited is an understatement.  Yesterday was seriously the longest day of my life.  The minutes literally dragged.  But today is the day.  And I can't wait to do all the things we've been talking about doing for the last several months.

Praying that this trip is refreshing for us.  For our marriage.  I want it to be a fun, super memorable of the last times we'll have "just us" for awhile.

And I'm seriously hoping this pregnant body can keep up with all the things I have planned in my mind!

Pregnancy side note: I had a doc appt yesterday and when she measured me, she said, "You're measuring big for how far along you are."  "Ummm...what does that mean???"  "Big baby!" she said with a smile.  Awesome.  So me, Steve, and Big Baby (a.k.a. Judy) are wishing for an amazing NYC vacation!!

Love the Here and Now


Anne said...

I love NYC...we live about 4 hrs from there so we go 3-4 times a year. Enjoy every minute of it. So much to see and do and eat!!

Catherine Short said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Ember Grey. said...

I'm SO excited for you two (and Judy)!!!! :) I'll be praying for you guys. Have the greatest time!

Rebecca said...

I hope Big Baby aka Judy enjoys all the NYC chow you're going to enjoy! ;) And I wish you and Steve an amazing, restful, fun, connecting time together. Can't wait to hear all you do!!

Jenna Griffin said...

Have a fun trip! I'm sure it's going to be so great to spend some quality time together. Can't wait to see photos!