Monday, September 1, 2014

september goals

So August was not awesome for me as far as goals go.  But August was awesome because of all the FUN I had!!  However, last week was back to school....wah, order to set my self up for success in September, I'm just going to do a few goals that are super manageable and realistic for my life right now.  But before I do, a quick recap of August:

August Goals:
*Read Daring Greatly  by Brene Brown, Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, and A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman.
*Clean out closet in spare room to prepare for the BABE!!
*Clean Claire's fort.
*Do Pilates.
*BEACH SUNDAYS. I did terrible!  But that's why I love Goals with Grace!

Here are my September goals:
*plan a short family trip for the end of October
*read 1 book (I haven't picked one out yet!)
*CLEAN CLAIRE'S FORT!  It's become the holding place for all things toys and junk.  Time for a major clean out.
*Keep doing Pilates.  I actually went in August (we won't say how many times), but I need to get back to doing it consistently.
*Beach Sundays...until the weather is too cool to go anymore. 
*dog school with Coco...first class is scheduled for Thursday!!

I've also set some Back to School goals for our family as we readjust to getting back into the routine of school:

*grocery shop on the weekend for all breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners.
*complete laundry for the week on Thursday or Friday.
*set up regular chores for Claire on her chart, as well as a regular homework routine.
*Claire in bed by 8:00, me by early!!
*outfits laid out the night before.

And just when we get all this figured out, we'll have a tiny human enter our family and it will all change once again!!  Good thing I like change!

The Tiny Twig


Ember Grey. said...

Oooh! October family trip! I love trip planning and having something like that to look forward to. Any ideas yet on where you might go? When I was training last month, picking out outfits the night before (and actually trying them on to make sure I liked it) saved me SO much time, as well as less of a mess in my closet the next day. When I head back to the office next month, I will definitely be doing that!

amy said...

I know, I love having trips to look forward to, also. We can't go far since I'll be like 33 weeks pregnant...WHA?!?...but I'm thinking beach camping or Palm Springs. Depends on what's available...and cheap! :) BUt I want to do something with my parents and sisters, Steve & one last hurrah before Judy!!

Shannon Schreiber said...

Don't kids find the strangest way to hoard "treasures" ?? I hope you are able to clean out Claire's fort without any trouble. And also, A Million Little Ways (from August) how was it? It is on my book list, but I don't currently have a copy.

Amy @ Set Free said...

I loved A Million Little Ways! So good, like definitely one of those that's I'd love to read again.