Tuesday, November 4, 2014

november goals

I kept my goals simple in October and I'm so glad I did!  I spent a lot of extra time at school each day getting ready for maternity leave, which officially started yesterday!  So with the babe coming soon, I'm also keeping my November goals simple...

October Goals:
* finish Christmas shopping.   DONE!! I feel so good about this! Thank you Amazon Prime!
* clean out/organize Judy's room.  Almost...needs hubs help with some of this.  Hoping to get it done this next week!  I'll have to post pics.
* clean out/organize Claire's room.  DID NOT HAPPEN.  Every time I walk into her room, I get super overwhelmed with the amount of stuff she has.  It's getting out of hand!
* read one book.  I read this one.

November Goals:
* be a good bed-rester
* read one book.  I'd love to read this one
* finish organizing the babies room...with Steve's help.
* continue building up my essential oils business.
* make a final decision on a GIRL name!  Steve is so not motivated to do this because he's convinced we're having Jude William.  But we have a couple good options...just need to narrow them down!

I'm going to stop there since I have no idea when this baby is coming!  Especially since I'm supposed to be bed-resting!  Thankful for goals with grace...doing what I can and giving myself grace when I just can't.

The Tiny Twig


Kendra Loisel said...

I was about to say..aren't you supposed to be on bed rest! I'm sure you'll get time to read. I've heard of that book and it does sound like a great winter time book!

Melissa Camacho said...

I love that picture! SO pretty! I hope you can get the baby's room organized as well as Claire's! good luck

Amy @ Set Free said...

Yes, I'm supposed to be in bed. BUT...I just sold my laptop and got a desktop and am hoping for an iPad for Christmas, so I have no choice but to blog from my desk!! Shhh...don't tell! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Ahhhh....me too!! Claire's will have to be done after the babe comes. I'm going to take in 3 huge trash bags and go to town on that room! It overwhelms me enough as it is, but then I think about Christmas coming and it's just too much!

Mary-Keith Piasecki said...

great goals! I hope you are able to read a book while on bed rest because that will mean the little dear is still cookin' and you were able to rest!

Meagan said...

#1 Goal - Keep Judy in there as long as possible! PS I never told you how much I love that you call the baby Judy. When I was pregnant with A, we called her Brenda. No idea why, it just happened once when talking with my stepmom and it stuck :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Haha...yep, we're the same, it just sort of happened! But now I'm afraid it's going to stick. :/ Poor kid!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you! Yes, I'm trying to get a lot of reading done because it's for sure not happening once the baby comes!!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

WHOA. You got your Christmas shopping done?!?! I am seriously impressed! I need to do that too. I've never signed up for Amazon Prime but I'm thinking it might be time. I am loving your November goals and how relaxed things seem - good for you! I'm proud of you, friend!! Keep up the resting! :) Can't wait to see the babe's room and of course THE BABE!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Yes, I'm officially done, but now that I'm on bedrest, I have tons of time to online shop!! My poor bank account!! haha...Steve is working on Babe's room today...can't wait til it's done!!