Saturday, February 21, 2015

February Goals

Just a little late with these, eh??  Welcome to my life these days.  BUT...I still wanted to post these because it's great accountability for me and I always love to look back and see what I've accomplished.  Anyone else relate??

Well I pretty much failed at my goals in January, but here they are again:

* send out thank you notes for gifts for the babe/dinners/etc.
* clean out Claire's room
* finish organizing Jude's room
* keep building oily business
* attempt to read part of a finish one that I started in November during bed rest!
* complete a cleanse
* get the Cooking Club back up and running!
* plan and execute another Wine Club night.

Ok...4 for 8 isn't horrible, however, from a teacher's perspective, that's still an F.

So for February:

*send out remaining thank you notes
*Cooking Club
*finish one book (I need a short one!!)
*February Wine Club (this has seriously turned into such a fun girl's night!  I highly recommend!!).
*oily business
*clean out closet
*get ready for GARAGE SALE (hopefully in April!)

Ahh..I love setting goals.  And I love crossing them off my list!  Ok February...I'm coming after you!


Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

I'd say you did really well! I can't wait for your wine club to come back - I live vicariously through you haha. (Alright, I have to ask... what ever happened to Claire's fort?! Did it ever get cleaned?!) ;)

socalledhomemaker said...

Hey, anything crossed off the list is a good thing, especially with a new baby!

Cassie Lee said...

I'm with Christine! You're killing it. Also- you have a little something headed your way in the mail today!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Hahaha..Claire's fort. That thing is like a bomb shelter, and get's treated as so. I clean that thing constantly, and she fills it with snacks (and trash), junky toys, old crap no one wants...UGH! My little pack rat. Just thinking about it makes me crave Wine Club!! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

YES! We're finally past the stage where I felt like I had successful days if his diapers were changed and he was fed!! Finally feeling human enough to do regular things again!! Haha...funny how their little lives completely take over ours!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Oye...don't feel like I'm killing it...look how poorly I am doing at responding to comments!! But THANK YOU for the encouragement!!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

haha!!! I'm laughing out loud over here.