Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jude William

Jude William
His entrance into the world was not at all how I expected it to go. Not that birth ever does, but I saw a side of me that I almost didn't know was there. Kinda surreal. But now, looking back 12 weeks later, I wouldn't change a thing.

Sunday, November youngest sister's birthday.  Our family was going to brunch in a crowded part of San Diego, which happened to be right by the hospital where I was planning to deliver.  Since it was a busy Sunday, I decided to park a couple blocks from the restaurant right in front of the hospital.  As Claire and I started walking to the restaurant, I called my parents to let them know of the great, free parking.  Just as I was about to hang up, I felt warm liquid start to leak everywhere!

"Um, Mom, I think my water just broke!"

"Really, like right now?"

"Yes Mom, like right now it's breaking."

"Rick, you park the car...Amy, where are you??"

"I'm literally in front of the hospital right now."

My mom hopped out of the car, we put Claire in the car with Dad and the 2 of us walked into the hospital.  After being in there a few minutes, Dad and Claire came in and we announced that we decided to go to the restaurant to eat before getting checked out!  #secondchildproblems

**Sidenote...around the time I was put on bedrest, Steve got an awesome opportunity to be the lighting programmer for a CBS Christmas special.  He was hesitant to commit to it, but I told him he couldn't pass it up.  He committed, which meant he had to be in LA from November 18-22.  Every doc appointment we had, he'd ask the doc's, "What are the chances the baby will come between Nov. 18-22?" Of course he knew the answer....babies come when they need to.  He was just concerned he'd miss the birth.  So on this Sunday while we were celebrating, he was home preparing for the show.

I called Steve, and said, "You're never going to believe where I am and what's going on!"  I gave him the details, told him we were still going to breakfast and that I would keep him updated.

We went to the restaurant...a popular one, so there was a long wait.  After awhile, I had to use the bathroom, and realized it wasn't my water that broke.  I was bleeding (the reason I thought it was my water was because I was wearing black pants and couldn't tell it was blood.  Since I delivered Claire around the same time, it made sense to me that it was my water).  So thankful for my Mom, she skipped breakfast and took me over to the hospital.

From there it was a bunch of tests and waiting.  No one really had any good answers for us, but they decided to keep me overnight and wait til the morning when my doctor would be in.  Steve came down and spent the night with me.  The nurse had told me that I was probably going to be released in the morning since the bleeding seemed to be stopping.

But that was not the case.  She came in just before her shift ended, told me my doc was there, and then said, "Your doctor wants you to deliver the baby today."  Steve immediately kinda freaked out...he was supposed to be heading to LA that night for the show.  My doc came in, explained the meds she was going to give me, how they work, and Steve began with a bunch of questions.  Poor guy (since he'd committed to be part of this show, it was the kind of thing he couldn't back out of.  He'd been prepared to possibly miss the birth of the babe, but we were really praying he wouldn't!).

The baby needed to come out, as the placenta was separating from my uterus (that's why I was bleeding), but it wasn't quite c-section status.  I was given meds to soften my cervix...a slow release med that took 12 hours to do it's thing.  More waiting.....

During all this waiting, Steve went home to try to get as much done for his show as possible.  He called his guy in LA and explained the situation...when he told him how much prep work he'd done, the guy told him he was way ahead of schedule and that he didn't need to come up for another day-ish. Praise!

At 9:30 that night, when the 12 hours were up, they checked me and I had not progressed much.  So disappointing! Another hour later, the doc decided to break my water.  At that point, I started using all the labor essential oils!  My sister's frantically rubbed them on my ankles and back every 20-ish minutes.

I got moved into a delivery room at about 11:30pm.  I called and told Steve, but told him not to rush.  Everyone thought it would be late the next morning when the baby would come.  I wanted him to keep working on stuff for the show so that he would have extra time when the baby came before he had to leave for LA.  I had my mom with me (along with my MIL and sisters), and she was so amazing. I walked the halls as much as possible, but I was just so tired.  I hadn't slept well the night before and the anticipation of everything made it impossible to nap.  During all of this, my blood pressure was all over the place, super high, then normal, then kinda high...not consistent at all! At about 11:30pm, my sisters left, asking to be updated through the night.

I was given pitocin to induce labor and get my contractions going, since they weren't really happening on their own.  They finally started to get stronger.  At about 12:30am, I asked if I could have something for the pain.  I didn't want an epidural, but if I was going to be laboring until late in the morning, I wanted to try to sleep and have something to take the edge off.  The nurse basically told me my option was an epidural.  By 1:00am, I had my epidural, although it didn't seem to be taking effect as quickly as I'd hoped.

Steve was on his way and would be getting to the hospital around 2:00am.  I tried sleeping, but I could still feel the contractions, I could tell they were getting stronger.  All of a sudden, I had the most intense urge to push.  My mom said to wait for the next contraction to see if it was just as strong.  Oh, it was.  She ran to get a nurse.  And I tried to not push.  It was so intense, it took everything in me to not push.  All I could say was, "I have to push...I can't hold it in!"  And I didn't say it...I yelled it.  Over and over.

The delivery room became frantic as the nurse checked me and confirmed I was at 10cm.  2 NICU nurses, 2 nurses for me, my mom, my MIL, no doctor, and no Steve.

I remember hearing a nurse say the on call doctor wasn't answering her phone...there was no way my doc was going to make in time.

My mom ran to the hall to look for Steve, who was taking his time coming in.  She told him to hurry.

The 2 of them rushed into the room (poor Steve), followed by the doctor (who seemed to be taking her sweet time!).  The bed was not set up at all to deliver, but the next contraction was so intense.  I remember my mom saying, "I see a head!" and at that moment, I stopped trying to not push.  I don't even remember pushing, the baby just came right out.

The doc laid the babe on my chest...who is this person??  Finally someone (I have no idea who!) announced, "It's a boy!"  I seriously looked at my mom and said, "What do we do with a boy?!"  to which she responded with the biggest smile on her face, "I have no idea!"  Jude William (named after my dad) was born at 2:16 am on November 18th.

They quickly whisked our little guy away, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck a couple times, and since he was so early, the NICU nurses had to make sure he was ok.

Steve was beaming...such a proud dad!  We were both just so thankful that he was finally here!

As Steve went over to be with our boy (it's still so weird to say that!!), my doc came in the room!  I was so happy to see her, even though she'd missed the actual delivery.  She was genuinely so happy for us, so encouraging and supportive.

Everything with the babe was good...he was tiny....4 lbs. 13 oz, 19 inches long.  My mom told me later that his umbilical cord didn't look very healthy (yes, she looked at it...she's a nurse...nurses love all that stuff!), which was probably why he was so small.  Sweet little guy!

Steve was so excited and absolutely couldn't wait for Claire to meet her brother.  He called his dad at like 3:00am and had him wake up Claire to bring her down to the hospital!  She looked so cute when she arrived, all dressed and hair done!  So sweet!

She had no idea the baby had been born.  I was holding Jude in my arms and Steve brought her into the room to meet him.  She saw him in my arms and literally her jaw dropped.  She rushed over and said, "Is it Hadley?" No.  "Is it Jude?"  Yes!  She jumped up in the bed and just snuggled.  It was the sweetest.  We stayed like that, just the 4 of us for awhile.

We ended up being in the hospital until Saturday (he was born early Tuesday morning).  I was discharged on Friday, but the babe had to stay an extra night in the NICU under the lights because of his jaundice.  BUT...considering all the things that could have possibly gone wrong, he is so healthy!  He's the sweetest little guy and we are all so in love!  God is so good...we are so grateful!


Hollands reverie said...

Oh my that tiny little bundle just melt my heart. Birth in all the wild and unplanned ways it happens, still goes down in history as my most romantic and beautiful days ever. It's just the most incredible, albeit painful, day. I'm so glad your hubby got to be with you and everything worked out!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

The absolute BEST!!! I love how Claire came in so early in the morning with her hair done - bless her! I know there was a lot of waiting while you were there but I can't believe how fast he came out! And AMAZING that Steve was able to be there!! (I have a girlfriend who named her daughter Hadley :) So pretty)

Laurie Gates said...

I'm so happy for you, Amy. I love seeing Jude's pictures and posts about your happy family :)

Meagan said...

Sooo adorable. Seriously have tears in my eyes reading the part about Claire coming to meet him. So sweet :)

Meagan Hofer said...

i am wiping away the tears.....claire being the sweetest big sister! i love it.

Southern Komfort Blog said...

Such an awesome story!

Melissa The Llama said...

I LOVE birth stories. yours is just beautiful. and yes, I'm in tears reading this. love love love!

talesofasoccermom said...

Amy, what an amazing story of God's faithfulness! I am so so happy for you and your sweet little family :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! I love birth 2 are ever the same! And it really is an incredible opportunity and blessing.

Amy @ Set Free said...

It was an amazing night. Having Claire show up at 3am was incredible! She still remembers every detail and loves to talk about heart!! And Steve came up with Hadley just a couple weeks before. It was the cutest thing seeing him so excited about a name, I couldn't help but love it, too. :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you Laurie! I love my little family! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Ah, thank you! It was of those things you try to picture beforehand, but the actual moment was so much more incredible than anything I could've thought up!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you! And yes, she is amazing! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you!! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

I love birth stories, too...thy are all such amazing stories of little miracles! Thank you for your sweet comment. xoxo

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thanks Lisa!! It's so true...I look back through all the years of aching for another child and I see God's faithfulness ALL OVER IT!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Claire will talk about that moment for the rest of her life :) Precious. I may have told you before but Christian and I have had our names picked out for years and they've never changed. My bff always says to me, 'oh don't worry. They'll most likely change a week before the baby is due." ha!

Amy @ Set Free said...

I LOVE that you have names picked out! I feel like if you find out the sex of the baby, you'll stick with those names, but if you don't find out, that's when people change their minds! Will you find out or be surprised?

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Only time will tell!!!! :) (Aka: I change my mind daily. ha!)