Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grateful Heart on a Wednesday Afternoon

Last week was rough. We were dealing with all kinds of sickness, mostly with poor Claire. I think she literally had the worst week of her life. It was like anything that could go wrong did, and she was super sick to top it all off. But....even though we were pent up in the house all week, there is still much to be grateful for:

* lots of time to rest & snuggle
* Claire is feeling better (after 9 missed school days)!
* finally getting to see a helpful pediatrician
* a helpful husband
* no one else getting as sick as Claire
* Chipotle take-out
* beautiful sunny days to rest outside
* a loving Daddy
* Netflix
* TJ's easy meals
* McDonald's coffee

My sick little loves :(
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


Melissa The Llama said...

poor babies!! I'm glad everyone is starting to feel better. and yes to coffee!!

ashley said...

So glad she is doing better! Sick babies are so pitiful! :/ Makes my heart break! & Thank ya Jesus for Netflix!

Mary-Keith Piasecki said...

oh poor little claire! i bet you were using all kinds of oils in your house! Chiptole is FINALLY coming near my house - not 40 mins away! i cannnnttt waiiit!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Amen to Chipotle. So glad Claire is feeling better! (That picture of Jude - he looks like all BOY, you know what I mean?! So cute!!)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Coffee is my lifeline!! Haha!!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Sickness sucks!! Especially for my girl who is hardly ever sick!! So glad we're better. And...all the praise hands for netflix1

Amy @ Set Free said... know me well!! Loading up on all the oils! :) YAY for Chipotle....actually went there for dinner last night! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you too! Being sick is no fun!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Amen & Amen. :) Haha...he's my little chubby monkey! My fave are his little sticky-outty ears! <3