Wednesday, March 4, 2015

march goals


Finally made some progress on my goals!!  Jut had to get my perspective and a little determination! I'm officially going back to work in April after Easter break (insert all the sad faces), so I'm super motivated to get these things done before going back to the classroom for the last quarter of the year.

Quick recap:

February Goals:
send out remaining thank you notes...DONE!!
* JUDE'S ROOM!!'s organized.  Now I need to finish decorating!
* Cooking Club...postponed
finish one book...I read Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers
February Wine Club ...postponed
oily business ...something I will always be working on, but I LOVE it!
* clean out some done, but not enough!
get ready for GARAGE SALE (hopefully in April!)

Ok March...let's do this!!
* GARAGE SALE prep.  We know we're moving at the end of July.  So I have so.much.STUFF to   get rid of!  I'm so tired of just STUFF!
* Decorate Jude's room.  Doing the minimum amount since we're moving this summer.
* Cooking Club with sisters
* Read at least 2 for business and one for pleasure.
* March Wine of these times I'll write a detailed post and take good pics.  It's seriously          such a fun girl night...I highly recommend!
* Essential Oils business.  My goal in March is to each day do Just One Thing (JOT).

What about you?  Do you set goals?  What are some of your goals for March?  I love reading other people's gives me ideas of how I can stretch and grow in ways I haven't thought of.


ashley said...

You got this mama. Show March who is boss! Ha! I seriously still have a handful of ty cards to give out from Mina's shower. oops! :P

socalledhomemaker said...

You can do it!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Haha...I'm trying! :) And I'm so glad I'm done with those dang cards!

Amy @ Set Free said...

YES!! I'm hustlin! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thanks girl!! Trying to just do a little each day!