Monday, April 27, 2015

everyday essentials || joy

I'll be honest.  I didn't love this oil at first.  And I thought something was wrong with me because I'd heard so many ladies rant and rave over it.  But I gave it a chance and now I really like it.  I put a drop behind my ears or on my wrists...I usually wear it as perfume.  I've known several ladies who get relief from their monthly visitor by using it regularly on their abdomen.  Amazing!  I've also made a roller bottle of joy for Claire to use.  She loves it.

-Use as a natural perfume.
-May help combat anxious feelings, and promotes feelings of joy.
-The floral scent can inspire romance!
-May help promote emotional well-being.
-May help with mild mood changes, and symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle
-Applying 1-2 drops on a wet towel or dryer balls and placing in the dryer can give laundry a refreshing floral scent.

Disclaimer:  My words are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health ailment.  Please do your research and make informed decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health.  I am not a doctor and am only sharing what has worked with my family.  Results may differ for each person.  Thank you!


Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Well of course now I'm dying to know what the Joy smells like. One of these days soon I will be giving the oils another go and have my go-to gal!

Amy @ Set Free said...

It smells like flowers...I actually really like it now. And yes, your day is coming. :) Do you have lemon oil? If so, put a drop or two in your water each day. Citrus is good for your digestive system! :)