Thursday, April 30, 2015

grateful heart

It's been a hectic two weeks for us.  I'm trying to get my rhythm back since returning to teaching. Steve has been traveling quite a bit with work, so our morning, after school, and bedtime routines have been a little sticky.  It's definitely made the days long and hard at times, and I'm regularly feeling tired and overwhelmed. I know it's our season right now and it is temporary.  And someday I will look back and wish to be right in the middle of this messy, busy, exhausting season.

It's amazing though.  When I'm able to step outside of myself, I can see that there's still so much to be grateful for.  The biggest thing that stands out to me right now is our village....because it literally takes one!  During these last couple of months of school, my mom and mother in law have said that they will help with Jude whenever we need it.  I know...amazing!  However, my parents had already had a ministry trip to Ecuador planned, so we needed to find some willing folks to come spend days with Jude.

Can I just say....I have the best sisters EVER!  They've both spent time watching my boy and loving on him.  We also have a sweet friend, Brittany, who I've known since she was in 7th grade (she's mid-twenties now), who's helped watch Jude, too.  Seriously...I'm so grateful!  I have the best village.  So grateful for how well they love my kids.

Side you have Shauna Niequist's new book Savor? It's seriously SO GOOD.  There is a short devotional for each day....perfect for my season right now.  Each day has a thought, message, or challenge to remind me to live an abundant life right where I am.  There are also recipes throughout  (I'm not a cook, but I do love what Shauna cooks).  If you're looking for a new devotional, this is definitely one to get.
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


socalledhomemaker said...

I'm so glad you have such a great support system!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thank you!! It makes ALL the difference! :)

ashley said...

yay for awesome sisters!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Such sweet pictures!! Jude is so lucky to spend so much time with his aunts and Grandmas! Thanks for the note about the devotional... sounds awesome and one I will be checking out. Have a great weekend, Amy!