Wednesday, July 1, 2015

june || in photos

Big Boy is 7 months || Birthday Party with Friends || Riding in a cart
Pool Time || Cousin Birthday Party || Growing a Biz
My 36th Birthday Dinner || Birthday Traditions || More Birthday Traditions

County Fair Fun
Smarty Pants 1st Grader || Sweet Boy in a Hammock || Last Day of School!
BFF Birthday Celebrations || Family Snuggle Time || Sleeping in

Learning to Crawl || Donuts with Cousins || Happy Boy
Serious Sugar Highs || Sweet Friends || My Love
More Birthday Celebrations || Sleepy After Surgery || Mommy Snuggles


Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

aww!!!! These are so great! I love the one of Jude in the shopping cart- haha!! And that last picture of the two of you snuggling - melt!!!

Kendra Loisel said...

Your family is gorgeous. I love how both your kids are always so happy. It looks like June was a great month for all of you, I hope July is just as great if not better!!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Haha...this is my lame attempt at blogging! :) The one of him in the cart is actually a video...he was screaming in Target super loud! Awesome! And I love snuggling with him, he's so good at it! It's the sweetest.

Amy @ Set Free said...

You're so sweet! I mean, I'm kinda biased, but I love them too! :) June was fab...hoping for an amazing July!!