Friday, September 11, 2015

Faves || A Weekly List

I love the weekends.  As long as this weather cools down here a bit, this one should be one for the books. We're having a garage sale (I mean, not really looking forward to it, but the $$ and getting rid of stuff will be nice!), having a night out with girlfriends, checking out a new church on Sunday, going to the beach on Sunday afternoon.  I love a full, but somewhat restful weekend!  But...before that, some things I enjoyed this week...

 / / L I S T E N I N G / /

This week I started listening to the Nourished podcast.  If you're into healthy meals, cooking, and food, you should definitely listen.  It's full of information, and I'm loving all of it!

We've also been listening to a lot of the Muppets station on Pandora.  Who doesn't love singing chickens?!?

/ / R E A D I N G / /

Another cookbook...this week it's this one, which I'm reviewing through Blogging for Books.  Claire & I decided we're going to make a key lime pie this weekend.  Ummmm...yum!!

/ / W R I T I N G / /

A lot of lists and schedules.  This momma is going to the Influence Conference next week, and have several people watching my kids! an effort to stay organized and sane, all the lists.

Handwritten notes.  I always forget how much I love to do this, so this week I'm making an effort to write 10.

A journal.  Of all the ways we use oils and how they work for us.

/ / P R O D U C T S / /

Loving this facial brush.  Just got it a couple months ago and when I can steal it away from Hubs, it's awesome!!

Just bought next years Katy Girl Designs calendar on Etsy and I can't wait to get it in the mail.  I've purchased them the last 2 years and they are the perfect desk accessory.

Groceries through Thrive Market.  I love being able to purchase super healthy food and snacks and great super cheap!  And I can get free shipping and not have to leave my house!  It's kinda like a Costco membership, $50/year.  But I'll save that so quickly, so it's worth it.

/ / P L A N N I N G / /

Jude's first birthday party.  What?!?  How is the time going so fast?  My boy is 10 months old and just the sweetest baby ever.  So grateful for him...but all the bawling emojis over planning his first party.

What about you?  What are your plans?  Whatever it is, enjoy every minute of it.


Southern Komfort Blog said...

That's so exciting that Jude is almost a year old! Can't wait to hear all the party. Happy Friday :)

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Stop it, he is NOT going to be 1. There is no way!!! Alright, will you be bringing some of your baked treats for Rebecca and me next weekend?! ;) (kidding.) (kinda.) CAN'T WAIT!

Amy @ Set Free said...

It's crazy. It's gone by But I'm loving every minute.

Amy @ Set Free said...

I KNOW!! Not until November, but still. And...I am so not a baker. And if I were, I prob eat it all on the plane. BUT...I can buy you a treat at the airport!! :)

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

haha! no no ;)