Friday, September 4, 2015

Fri || YAY

So it's Friday! weekend officially started yesterday.  Yes, I'm working part time now and completely loving it.  So thankful that the Lord brought this opportunity to me right now at this time for our family.  I'm hoping to have more time for the things that I this blog!...and more time to be better about the things I don't so much cooking!  

Ok...for the love of Friday, here are some of my favorite things from this week...just a warning, it gets a bit random!

/ / L I S T E N I N G / /
Ok, so I jumped on the bandwagon and am listening to the Undisclosed podcast.  I did listen to Serial as well, but am loving this follow up just so much more.  If you're listening, what do you think??

/ / R E A D I N G / /
Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. One of my favorite things about Shauna as an author is she can take normal life events and draw so much wisdom from them.  It makes her so relate-able and I love that about her.

For all you mommas out there who are into natural health and wellness, check out Moms Meet.  I'm loving reading all the articles and blog posts here with snack ideas, kids activity pages, and coupons for so many products that I use and love.

EO Magazine.  Are you surprised?

It's All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow.  I love to read cookbooks.  Which I know is super weird since I don't like to cook!  But...I wish I did love it, so I read cookbooks hoping I'll be inspired and become the next Giada.  Or something like that.

/ / E X C I T E D / / 
For a few things that have recently come up for me.  I'm not going to go into much detail about it yet, but it really seems like the Lord is opening a couple doors for me and I'm excited to walk through them and see what's on the other side.  It's a bit scary to me, because I'll really have to put myself out there...and I'm completely introverted, so it will STRETCH and GROW me, good things, I know. Just hard to go through at the time! much good.  My heart is feeling full.

Also for the 3 day weekend Claire gets to enjoy.  We're planning a BBQ and swim party at my parents house with my 2 sisters, their husbands, and my inlaws.  If you don't know about my crazy family, my youngest sis married my hub's younger brother.  So we share in-laws.  Family get togethers are very small. :) 

/ / A N T I C I P A T I N G / /
God to show up big time at the Influence Conference in 2 weeks.  My heart is so ready for a spiritual awakening and refreshment.  And I'm really looking forward to 4 days away from momma and wife duties!  But I think I'm mostly excited to meet some bloggy friends in real life!  Again, it's a bit intimidating for my introverted self to do something like this, but seriously, I can't wait.  

/ / L O V I N G / /
My Day Planner by It's Just Emmy.  It's nothing super fancy and very straightforward, which is EXACTLY what I need in a planner!  Win!

The Instagram photo books by Chatbooks.  I just signed up to get my photos printed into a nice book for $6 for every 60 IG's I take!  I'll be alerted when I get close to 60 pics and then I can go in and delete any I don't want included.  Shipping is free and now I don;t have to make scrapbooks!  Not that I did anyway...but I love this because now I'll have tangible pictures of my kids growing up.  

/ / C O N N E C T I N G / /
If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up for the Fall Swag Swap!  I've teamed up with a few other bloggers to host this fun fall exchange!  If you're interested in participating, fill out this form.   Signups will end September 15th and you will find out who your partner is by the end of that week! Items must be shipped by October 1st and a link-up will happen on October 15th.  Time to get creative and put together a fun package filled with all the fall things ($15-$20 limit). 


Anne @ Love the Here and Now said...

I loved Serial! Like you I love Hndisvlosed more though. It's shocking to me that he was charged. Pretty scary.

Cassie Lee said...

I love undisclosed! Can't wait to see you at Influence!

Amy @ Set Free said...

I just can't stop listening!! I'm listening to episode 10 right now and I think I started listening last Friday! And...can't wait to hug your neck!!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Oh, I just can't stop listening!! I can't believe he was charged either, but I don't have much respect for the Baltimore police (and everyone involved with them) at this point. Sounds like a shady group to me!!

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

So funny that you like to read cookbooks but don't like to cook- that's me too!! I love that your heart feels full! I can't wait to hug you!

Amy @ Set Free said...

It's acutually quite ridiculous!! I keep thinking that maybe if I read them enough, I'll start to love cooking!! If only it were that easy!