Thursday, September 10, 2015

The One With All the Randomness

I'm not good with too many things going on.  I get a little overwhelmed and anxious.  I will never be one of those "I can do it all and do it well" super moms.  I have so much respect for them, but it's just not me.  And I'm so fine with that.  But...with school just starting, it's also the start of all the things (or so it seems).  So...looking for some advice, thoughts, ideas...

+ We're having a garage sale on Saturday.  My personality says to throw it all away or donate it, Hubs says $$$.  So we're doing it.  We had one several years ago and made a bunch of money, which was awesome.  Hoping for good results...but what are all your pre, during, and post garage sale tips and tricks?

+ I have a 2nd grader who's an amazing reader, but wants to keep reading books that are a little too easy for her.  I want her to be challenged, but I also want her to fall in love with reading and not just see it as homework.  She's very girly and loves princesses and fairies.  I'd love to hear all your book ideas (series, individual books, etc.) and ideas on how to get kids to love reading.

+ I love meal planning, but kinda feel in a rut.  What are your favorite (easy) go-to recipes?

+ We just moved from a large house where storage wasn't a problem to a teeny tiny house.  Hubs and I are trying to figure out the best way to set up our teeny tiny closet.  What are your tips and tricks for closet/under the bed storage?

+ I need some new, fresh ideas for school lunches and snacks.  My girl is so not into sandwiches this year.  What are some things that make a yummy, but healthy lunch/snack?

See...random, right?  Sometimes I am full of all the ideas.  But right now my brain is on overload. Thanks in advance for all your thoughts and ideas!


TheAdventuresofBugandBoo said...

I'm the same Amy !! I cannot see what I need to do right now from all the to do lists and piles of stuff around me....ugh. I need a miracle clean session to get rid of it all but haven't the time (or at least no time where I don't have small children hanging off me).
I don't have much garage sale advice other than set the prices a tiny bit higher than you want, because inevitably every person will try to pay you less than its marked. Also, if you don't want any of the stuff anyway, towards the end of the day just unload !
From living in tiny apartments I have a whole collection of hanging shelves and underbed boxes, cute little totes that fit on the top shelves of the closet. Do you have attic or garage storage? Be ruthless about seasonal clothing - off season stuff goes immediately into storage so you can see the things you do have. I kept linens and less used items under my bed, and put shoes in the hanging shelf thing from ikea so I could put a small low dresser under the tees and shorter items hanging in my closet. Is that an option ?
Google toddler bento box lunch for ideas for Claire! I know she's not a toddler but the lunches are great for anyone really, just not full fledged adult lunches. There's a few bloggers who post ideas regularly, I think one is yummy toddler food on IG. I even do things like premade pancakes, blueberries, and yogurt. Or else hummus with carrots and cucumber sticks, apple wedges, slices of turkey, and rice cakes.
My favorite easy meals - I have so many!!! Crockpot recipes are the absolute best. Maple glazed pork tenderloin, beef stew, chicken and sweet potato barley soup, BBQ chicken, I have a million pinned and some saved on my laptop. Other ones are one pot dishes like linguine with pecorino, or a simple bolognese (I add grated courgette and carrot when cooking the onions and garlic)and spaghetti. What kinds of food do you prefer? I can send you recipes for any that sound interesting!! :)

talesofasoccermom said...

For Claire's free reading, let her read whatever. Pick a book at her reading level for her to read to you. Chloe was the same way, amazing reader but on her own preferred to read super easy books. She's now reading the land of stories series and totally hooked. Check them out!

My one garage sale was such a big flop! Friends recommended advertising on craigslist. But what did help was knowing in advance the lowest price I'd take for big items. Made bargaining a lot easier.

Recently i wrote out a list of 28 dinners my family enjoyed. I now meal plan and shop two weeks at a time, except buying more produce each week. It's made dinners so much easier!

Christine Everyday said...

Try the Amelia's Notebook series! I love them and already bought them for my daughter for when she can read them.

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

Yes to randomness! I love the garage sale idea. Plus, anything you can't/don't sell, then you can donate it. Also, my friend Molly just told me about - a virtual garage sale (easier than ebay). Might be worth checking out? I'm in a meal-planning rut too!! Also, the house we're moving into - even though it's bigger than ours now - has less storage so I'll be in the same boat. Shelving? Throwing stuff out?

(Also, that picture of Claire gets me every time! haha!!)

Alyssa Guttendorf said...

The faces in that picture, all around are just fantastic, haha. My favorite go-to recipe when I'm in a rut is stuffed peppers-- there's so many different ways to make them!

Rhonda said...

Just one small garage sale tip is to lock your house door or Garage if you don't want anyone to enter. We had people walking all around our garage and house when the stuff we were selling was in the yard. So just watch for that.
I had a hard time with my oldest enjoying reading as well. She just all the sudden one day in third grade when we went on a trip with cousins they started reading books together. That was the first time she began to enjoy reading. But she still goes through phases.
We've been trying some different things with lunches as well. Bagels and cream cheese, crackers cheese and salami, crackers and peanut butter, hummus and veggies. It's always a battle.
I battle the storage issue as well. I feel like I am constantly rearranging my house trying to fit in what we have and get so overwhelmed and time we get anything new.

Meagan said...

I totally get this! For the garage sale, make sure you advertise it. Signs at intersections, facebook groups (most areas have an online garage sale group), craigslist, etc.

We're at a loss for lunch too! I bought a thermos and put soup, mac and cheese and other noodles in it. Turkey and cheese roll ups in tortillas... cheese and crackers. I'm going to check your other comments for more ideas for myself :)

Amy @ Set Free said...'re my hero!! Thank you for all the advice!! So good. I'd love your maple glazed tenderloin recipe. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Thanks Lisa!! We'll definitely check out that series. 28 dinners is so impressive! I can barely think of 5 we all like! Ugh...I'm so over it! :) And...this heat doesn't help at all. Last night I made a charcuterie so I wouldn't have to cook anything! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

I've never heard of that series, but we'll definitely check it out!! Thank you!!

Amy @ Set Free said...

I looked at Varage Sale, but they don;t have it in our area. :( But I love the idea!! Kinda craigslist-y. but I liked it better. Throwing so much stuff out. But now I'm to the point where I'm like, "I don't want to throw that out." Oh well...we'll figure it out. We just have the tiniest closet and I had to get rid of my dresser because of lack of space.. But seriously. #firstworldproblems

Amy @ Set Free said...'s an old picture but super random, like my post! So, you know. :) BUT...stuffed peppers!! I forgot about those...YUM!! Adding them to my list!

Amy @ Set Free said...

People are so creepy!! We'll definitely be locking the doors!! I'm always including veggies and fruit in lunch, sometimes that's all it is!! I'm wanting my girl to not be so picky, so I'm telling her whatever is in there, you need to eat it! She may be throwing most of it away...who knows!! :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

I'm trying to get Claire to eat more fruits and veggies during lunch. She LOVES snacks, but I'm trying to move away from processed food and finding healthier options. But, it's so hard.