Monday, November 9, 2015

Grateful Heart || Resetting

I feel like it's becoming a habit of mine to say, "I haven't been around here in awhile...."  And I suppose that's what it will just have to be like for me at this point in life.  Because my life is so full. And full in the best kind of way.  Sometimes the fullness gets too overwhelming for me.  But right now, I'm soaking it all in.  CHOOSING to be full and saying YES to the good.  I love that.  Being able to choose when I want to say yes.  There's so much freedom in that.

And I am so very aware of all that I have to be grateful for, so here is my GRATEFUL list:

+ healthy kids
+ a smarty pants 2nd grader (she had a fantastic report card!!)
+ a hard working husband who is working his dream job and THRIVING
+ a new home church
+ a supportive family
+ my part time job
+ my growing business
+ this season of THANKFULNESS
+ planning for the holidays (yes, I've been listening to Christmas music since before Halloween!)
+ four days at Disneyland (more on that later!)
+ growing in all the areas of my word for this year
+ a joyful heart
+ friendships

I feel like I could go on and on.  And I wish I could tell you exactly why I wrote each of these things down.  But I will leave you with this.  Every part of life is a season.  And there is so much growing that comes with each season.  Hold your hands open to the One Who controls your life, give thanks for every circumstance (even the hardest ones), and give Him the glory for each day.  Our lives are but a it to the fullest and give thanks for the smallest of details.  

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


Elle said...

Wow, so many awesome things you are grateful for! I love that you are thankful (and I am sure proud) of your smartypants 2nd grader as well as the fact that your kids are healthy … what a blessing! And YES to a hard-working husband who is thriving in a job he loves… I am very thankful for my hard-working hubby too! Glad I found you through Grateful Heart link-up!

Southern Komfort Blog said...

Life is so beautiful and we always need to make sure we're living in the present! I'm glad you're taking the time from your blog to embrace each of those little things :)

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

If we were talking about these things in person right now, I would be clapping really fast. I'm so happy for the season you are in! XO

Amy @ Set Free said...

Hi Elle!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your words are so encouraging to me and I appreciate them so. So glad you found to see your blog. :) xoxo

Amy @ Set Free said...

Ah thanks girl. Such a journey and I'm enjoying my mountain top right now. You're always so encouraging...appreciate you in my life in this way. xoxo

Amy @ Set Free said...

Hahaha...just got a visual! :) Thanks SO grateful for this season. Trying to soak up every bit of it because life is ever-changing. BUT! God is good and we're really enjoying His goodness right now.

Southern Komfort Blog said...

Enjoy it sister! I thank God daily for having another sister in Christ through the blog world :)

Amy @ Set Free said...

It's amazing how the internet weaves our hearts together! :)