Friday, December 11, 2015

30 Ways to Use Essential Oils || Day 3

Over the last couple weeks I've been posting different ways to use essential oils (based on a challenge I took in November).  You can read the other 2 posts here and here.  Hope you find some helpful tips and tricks....

19. fruity || We've been fighting off a lot of yuk around here lately. So I've been drinking tea with lemon & Thieves EOs, plus honey. Tastes yummy and is so soothing.

20. stress & oils || I love these oils. All 3 of them do exactly what they say. And some days....most days....these are 3 of the things I need most.

21. cooking with oils || From the Young Living blog....I made this for an event I had at my house this morning and it was a hit:
2 quarts fresh apple cider
1 orange, unpeeled and cut into slices
3 drops Lemon essential oil
1 drop Cinnamon Bark essential oil
1 drop Clove essential oil
1 drop Nutmeg essential oil
Cinnamon sticks, for serving

Combine apple cider, orange slices, and essential oils in a large pot and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes or more.
Discard orange slices.
Serve warm. Add 1–2 cinnamon sticks to individual cups when serving.

22. thankful || I love this time of year. Gratitude is something that is so easy to focus on during this week of Thanksgiving, but it's something that I've been trying to be intentional about teaching my kids (and reminding myself as well!!) during the other 11 months. We have so much, and take most of it for granted. One thing I am truly grateful for this year are our essential oils. I can't even begin to count the ways they've helped our family. This oil, Gratitude, is new to me. But I've read that it was designed to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, and bring relief to the body while helping to foster a grateful attitude. All the things I want and need for this week!!

23. gift idea || We spend so much money on gifts that people don't even want. If you're looking to give an incredible gift this Christmas, think about a gift that keeps on giving. The gift of wellness! Go in together on a kit. Share a kit with your roommates. Buy your own self a Christmas gift so that when you get that incredible pair of socks with a matching Disney sleep gown from your grams, you're not so disappointed.

24. oils & kids || as a thank you gift, we made Thieves hand sanitizer for Claire's teacher.  It's such a simple recipe: 

+ Pure Aloe Gel
+ ¼ teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
+ 6 drops Thieves EO
+ Distilled water
+ small squeeze bottle

Start with filling your squeeze bottle with aloe, about ⅔ full.
Next, add the Vitamin E.
Add 6 drops of Young Living Thieves Essential Oil and give it a shake.
Lastly, add a little distilled water until it is to the consistency you like.

25. habit || One of my daily habits is wiping down my entire kitchen before I go to bed. I love using Thieves cleaner. It's all natural, even my daughter can safely help clean the kitchen and it doesn't make my house smell like chemicals. Just another amazing product from Young Living.

26. outside || The weather in San Diego this time of year can never make up its mind. This week we've had temps in the 80's, wind, rain, and 52 degree mornings. When the weather changes so much, my head feels like it's full of cotton and my nose becomes a faucet. So, I love to put a drop of purification oil just inside my nose. First of all, I love how it smells. And I also love the feeling of the cotton in my head going away.

27. on the kitchen counter || On my kitchen counter....first of all, let's just enjoy the beauty of my 1958 counters. My kitchen is where I keep a lot of my oils. So anytime anyone needs anything, I can direct them to the stash there. I also have our daily vitamins there, as well as a shot glass for our daily shots of Ningxia Red. I add a drop of ocotea to my Ningxia each morning to help support my cardio system.

Disclaimer:  My words are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or health ailment. Please do your research and make informed decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health. I am not a doctor and am only sharing what has worked with my family.  Results may differ for each person. Thank you!


Audrey Louise said...

I have such a strong curiosity toward oils but I haven't taken the plunge just yet. Your posts are definitely interesting and informative, though!!

Christine Everyday said...

I love these ideas!

Amy @ Set Free said...

So glad!! I always love finding new creative ways to use my oils.

Amy @ Set Free said...

I was the same and then just jumped in one day...never looked back! Thank you...I love writing about them because they've really been a game changer for our family.