Monday, December 28, 2015

Grateful Heart || 'tis the season

Did you have a fun Christmas?  We sure did!  I'm so grateful for the time I've been able to spend with my sweet little family, my fun extended family, and some dear friends.  Part of me feels like we've been out of school are we ever going to go back?!?...and I love the long days of Lego building, reading, napping, watching Christmas movies with hot cocoa and popcorn, and no alarm clocks (except for the 13 month old who wakes up at 7:00am every morning!!).

One of my favorite things so far this season was watching The Nativity Story with Claire.  We've watched it several years now, but I feel like this was the first year she really understood the greatness of the love of Christ.  We had so many good conversations after watching it.  As a mom, this movie makes me incredibly emotional.  Watching young Mary go through something I can completely relate to and can not relate at's overwhelming to me.  Her faith in God, her obedience, the love she shows Joseph...she was incredibly wise beyond her years.  What a responsibility.  What a gift to carry the perfect Son of God.  I love that watching this movie has become our tradition.

One night, we went and looked at Christmas lights with some sweet friends of ours.  As we looked in one yard that had a nativity scene set up in it, I heard Claire tell her friend Tinsley that the wise men brought baby Jesus gifts of gold, myrrh, and lavender.  lolololol.  When your mom uses all the essential oils, it's hard to keep them straight!  I told Claire that if there was a fourth wise man, he'd have most definitely brought a gift of lavender to Jesus.

I'm so grateful for this season.  It's been filled with wonder and awe, family and friends, relaxation and fun.  It's nice to get out of the regular rhythms and schedule of the school year and not feel guilty about just hanging out.  This down time has given Steve and I a lot of time to plan and dream about 2016 and all that we hope to see God do.  He's been so good to us.  We know He won't stop and the things He has planned for 2016 are far more than anything we could ever ask or imagine.

A Grateful Heart with Ember Grey


Bourbon & Lipstick said...

Seriously, your kids are the cutest ever! And I love that story about Claire! She is your twin! Glad you had the best Christmas and hope you enjoy the rest of your break!

Southern Komfort Blog said...

Love that ya'll had a wonderful Christmas! I can only imagine the excitement you feel as a parent when seeing your kids soak up the Christmas season. Happy Tuesday, sweet friend :)

Emily @ Ember Grey. said...

I read this while in the car and my phone wouldn't let me comment but I really loved reading this from you :) And really, lavender is the best of all the scents so... it only makes sense.

Amy @ Set Free said...

oh my word...I died when she said that! It was so cute...and lav smells way better than frank.
PS...thank you for doing this link up. I've been a bad blogger in 2015, but this is still my favorite post to write each week. xoxo

Amy @ Set Free said...

Oh girl...having kids takes Christmas to a whole new's amazing! Happy New Year...I'm sure you're like me...can't wait to see all God is going to do in 2016!

Amy @ Set Free said...

Ah, thank girl. I appreciate you saying that! Yes, people say Claire is my mini...especially when they see her sassy side! :)