About Me

Set Free is a faith based lifestyle blog where I write about my family's happenings and adventures. It's my little space to journal so I remember. To share so my kids can look back and have stories and pictures of their childhood. To write the joys and struggles of my heart. To share  about the most precious and important things  in my life.

I'm Amy. Native to San Diego. Married since 2004 to my creative, lighting designer husband, Steve. Momma to Claire & Jude. Elementary teacher. Lover of essential oils.  Wine Club Member. I love to travel...I'll take a road trip or an overseas adventure anytime.  My family goes camping in Yosemite every summer. We spend many days at the beach.  I don't like to cook, but I love to read cookbooks.

I've loved making new friends through this little space.  And I always love meeting new people. Thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad you're here!